David’s miscellaneous website


The webmaster (David Perasso) hiding behind a collard.

**** ALERT -- there’s another David Perasso out there who has a twitter account and a youtube channel.  Nothing against him, just don’t get confused when you see his stuff, it ain’t me. ****

Things you might be interested in......

My Nursery Business - native ferns, seeds, plants, bulbs.

Photos of a garden I once had.

Some family memorabilia.

A site where I post about work I am doing at Martha Washington Park

Info on Native Plants, seed propagation articles, uses of native plants, links to native plant websites.

Results of some native seed propagation experiments I have done.

Plant identification info -- keys and conspectuses.

My last day at the Atlantic City Nursery. I put this nursery together over a 1 1/2 year period. Seattle Tilth decided to manage it themselves and this is they way I left it.

Here’s a link to my notes on a cool, cheap microscope attachment for your computer.

Email me at perasso@cruzio.com

And for your enjoyment here are a couple of my youtubes:

The first is the view from the top of Mt Defiance.

And here’s a video I did of the Peace Vigil at the Federal Building in Seattle.

Here’s the story of neighbors taking control of a park.

Click HERE to see stills and a panorama from the top of Mt Defiance.