Digital Scope Pictures


Some pictures taken with a USB2-MICRO-200X

scroll down for the 3MP MU300 camera

These are of a Carex mertensii spike. The grid in the low mag photo is a 1mm grid.

Pictures were taken using Photo Booth on a mac. No software installation was required.

Here’s a photo of a lichen. The magnification is about 30x

MU300 3MP camera for compound microscopes.

This camera replaces the eyepiece of a compound microscope. It’s OK except that the seeds are actually brown!!! One can play with the color adjustments and MAYBE get it to come out right, but that seems like a lot of trouble to me. That said, a serious microscope user would probably find a way to do it and might like this camera.

Note that the supplied software lets you adjust the color and exposure. The software is a bit hokey on the Mac, but I understand that the window’s version is pretty good.

Below is the best I could get the color. More tweaking would probably come closer, but I couldn’t figure it out.