plant identification links and files


A collection of links and files that I have found useful for plant identification.

On line keys are often more up to date than books. They are often interactive and sometimes will give you a list of choices that match the characteristics you enter. Also some of these keys and conspectuses are unpublished, or only available on line.  LSU has interactive keys on line for Carex, Juncus, Grasses and other species. Requires JAVA support. One of the more useful comparison pages for Oaks. Leaves, bark, acorns, etc. are compared for commonly found species. UConn plant database. Browse by latin name and get a page with good photos of flowers, leaves, bark, seeds. Useful to confirm identifications, especially exotics. Barbara Wilson’s key for the Fescues and Allies in the Pacific Northwest. Barbara is THE guru for fescues, among other things.

Festuca Cross Sections  Cross section drawings of Festuca rubra, roemeri, idahoensis and filiformis, with explanatory text.

California Turf Grass Identification An article describing grass characteristics and including a key for California turf grasses.

Grass Conspectus Tables  Done by the Carex Working Group for the Oregon Flora Project, these comparison tables point out the often subtle differences between closely relates species and subspecies. Oriented to the Pacific Northwest. Hitchcock’s Manual of Grasses of North America updated and put on the web. You can also look up species and get a distribution map, photos, treatment, synonyms. Not a key. Carex conspectus tables to accompany the book “Field Guide to the Sedges of the Pacitic Northwest” published by the Carex Working Group.

Grass Glossary Diagrams explaining some of the terms used in grass identification.